Tasot 1.5ltr - Legs Wine

Tasot 1.5ltr

Valli Unite
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A rustic full-bodied red that is juicy and easy-drinking with a spiced finish.

  • Colour - Red
  • Grape -  Dolcetto
  • Region - Piedmont, Italy
  • Year - 2018
  • Alc. - 13.5%

Valli Unite

Over 30 years ago, 3 young men decided to merge their vineyards and became a small co-operative to improve the quality of the product. They wanted their traditional land to flourish, welcoming a modern approach and managing biodynamically to produce quality-driven unfussy wines. Now more of a commune than a winery Valli Unite farms about 100 hectares in the southern part of Piedmont in a small town called Costa Vescovato. With all the work in the vineyards, as well as orchards, pastures, woodland, and gardens, there is enough to do for the more than 30 members.