Roc - Legs Wine


Domaine Vinci
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Ripe and herbaceous with some finishing gamey notes.
  • Colour - Red
  • Grape - Grenache Noir
  • Region - Roussillon, France
  • Year - 2019
  • Alc. - 13%
Domaine Vinci
Bought in 2001 by Olivier Varichon and Emanuelle Vinci after they had travelled the world learning all things wine. The vineyards are nestled in the rugged Agly Valley surrounded by forests and rocky steep slopes. The valley gives a unique microclimate that brings with it an abundance of flora and fauna that consequently increases the biodiversity of the environment they work within. Avoiding chemicals, pesticides and other synthetic molecules their focus is to  help the vines find their own balance between what they produce and the ground supporting them.