Malas Uvas - Legs Wine

Malas Uvas

La Perdida
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Nacho named this wine “Malas Uvas” since these white grapes are not permitted under the Valdeorras D.O. Mineral, bright and very textural.
  • Colour - White
  • Grape - Palomino, Doña Blanca
  • Region - Galicia, Spain
  • Year - 2019
  • Alc. - 12%

La Perdida

Nacho Gonzales trained as a biologist but turned to winemaking when his grandmother gave him a vineyard named 'O Trancado'. Bringing them back to life after being neglected for so many years, he managed to save the old vines. Being told by his grandmother that the old vines were magnificent and should be cared for, that's exactly what happened. Producing some of the most progressive and interesting wines in all of Spain. Actively seeking out vineyards that are isolated and remote and dubbing his wines 'island wines', he cares for them and brings them back to health. He works with six vineyard sites and 4 hectares of vines, he farms them organically with some biodynamic practices incorporated.