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Caramelised Seville oranges in a masonry oven, roasted over ash logs, with juniper berries & branches of fresh bay & rosemary. The softened fruit was then macerated for two weeks, fermented with wild yeasts & matured in Jamaican rum casks, before finally being blended with keeved cider. 

Sticky and spicy marmalade with lovely tannins. Sparkling Sweet Bitter Orange Co-Ferment.

  • Colour - Cider
  • Fruit - Co-Ferment Apples and Seville Oranges
  • Region - Pilton, Somerset
  • Year - 2020
  • Alc. - 4.5%

Martin is the master of keeving. Based in the cider heartland of Somerset, making an exciting range of whole juice ciders. The core ingredients are the bittersweet cider apples that grow in traditional orchards around the parish of Pilton. Using the artisan method of keeving to transform the juice from the full flavoured fruit into unique naturally sweet ciders. Weaving in different yeasts, other fruits and barrel‑aging techniques.