Castello D'Acqua Rosso - Legs Wine

Castello D'Acqua Rosso

Il Farneto
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Pure and gorgeous juiciness for everyday.
  • Colour - Red
  • Grape - Malbo Gentile/ Marzemino
  • Region - Emilia Romagna, Italy
  • Year - NV
  • Alc. - 12%

Il Farneto

Marco Bertoni found his vineyards between the hills of Scandiano and Candossa in the 90's. Intent on producing grapes while respecting the environment, Marco set about contributing to sustainable agriculture initiatives and started to naturally cultivate the vineyards. Being between the hills allows for an isolated position that brings about a wide variety of biodiversity due to microclimate temperatures, going hand in hand with the biodynamic agriculture that Marco's fields enjoy regularly.